Sometimes it can be challenging to find wellness brands that are both good for you and the planet while being transparent of their actions. There are hundreds of brands out there sharing how they care for the environment when in reality, they are greenwashing their products to appear more eco-friendly than they actually are. 

Our social impact marketing agency, Ola Impact, aims to raise awareness of brands that are truly sustainable and eco-conscious. One of these conscious brands is Diphy Wellness. Diphy Wellness is a Canadian personal care brand focusing on sustainability, safe ingredients and design. All of their products are handmade using safe ingredients and eco-friendly materials that make the products better for you and have less impact on the environment.

Learn more about Diphy Wellness and journey to start the eco-friendly wellness brand through this interview with their founder Emiliana Ayala!

Please introduce yourself and your brand!

My name is Emiliana Ayala. I’m Venezuelan/Canadian and I live in Ontario, Canada. 
It started as a journey to find personal care products  that contained  less toxic chemicals and shortly found myself confused by tons  of misleading claims. It seemed next to impossible to find products that were good for me and eco-friendly. Shouldn’t the two go hand in hand? After all, the environment impacts us as well! I set out to study sustainable consumption and marketing during my final thesis at Ryerson University. My research guided Diphy Wellness’ foundation as a brand and continues to impact our business practices today. After graduating I knew I had to take it one step further and Diphy Wellness was officially born in July 2020.

What is your passion? How has your passion evolved throughout your life?

I love creating. I have always been creative and it has evolved into different ways of expressing my creativity throughout my life. I went to design school where I was able to apply this creativity via graphic design, art direction, web design, photography and more. I became more aware of sustainability and its importance during my last year of university when I studied consumer behaviour, sustainable consumption, and marketing. This laid down the fundamental values and businesses practice for my personal care brand, Diphy Wellness. I continue to express my creativity in various ways of my small business such as web design, content creation, product design, packaging but with a strong focus on sustainability.


If you could solve one world problem right now, which would you choose and why?

This is a tough question. Reflecting on all the important issues in the world right now, it’s hard to choose just one. Greenwashing is an alarming problem that causes a lot of skepticism and harm. The use of misleading claims has created a confusing environment for individuals ultimately leaving them to fend for themselves while trying to incorporate more sustainable practices into their lives. This has led to the distortion of meaning for words like “natural” and “clean”, and has made it more difficult for eco brands to outline their sustainable practices. Diphy Wellness recognizes the flaws in the personal care industry and works against them through informative research and transparency.

How do you stay optimistic, motivated and balanced?

Reading customer reviews about how much they love our products and how our personal care has positively impacted them, keeps us optimistic because we see the direct impact that we have had. This also allows us to stay motivated because it validates what we have done so far and pushes us to continue to offer personal care products that help others.

In all honesty, balance can be hard. I love what I do and often get carried away with daily tasks and planning for what is to come. I am still learning and implementing different strategies but have found that setting reminders to take a break and even walking to the post office has helped so far.


What do you do when you’re not being “productive”? How do you recharge your batteries?

I have noticed that when I get to the point of not being productive it’s usually because I’ve overworked myself. This is a great indicator that it’s time for some self care – going for a walk, sleeping in, movies, face masks, working out are some great things that allow me to recharge.

What is the biggest challenge you’re currently facing? How can our community help you?

One of my biggest challenges right now is keeping up with our blog. As a small business who values sustainability and safe ingredients, it’s so important to not only implement these values but also educate other individuals on these topics. We are currently expanding our small team in order to continue to put out informative content on our blog about ingredients, sustainability and more. Your community could help us out by giving some feedback on what they are interested in learning more about through our blog.

What tools, books, apps, podcasts or courses have helped you recently? Can you share the link to these resources?

I am part of The Founder’s Fund which is a women entrepreneur membership and also have been learning a lot through club house.

If you have to share one tip with the @earthambition community based on your experience what would it be?

Consistency is key.

The team here at Ola Impact knows how challenging it can be to launch a sustainable brand that strives to maintain focus on the triple bottom line including planet, people and profit. To help along this journey for impact-driven founders and freelancers we launched the community Earth Ambition, which offers online courses, events, groups and much more to learn & connect with likeminded people!

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Pictures: Diphy Wellness

Author: Oona Yletyinen