When we talk about climate change and how individuals can make a positive impact through daily habits, the topic of sustainable food is always mentioned. Whether it be avoiding food waste, buying local products, growing your own food or giving up meat, there are endless topics to be addressed that can leave one feeling overwhelmed.

This is where the App Kuri comes into play, helping you to lower your carbon footprint through sustainable food by providing endless recipes using the food you already have at home to avoid food waste, switching to plant based diets and cooking with only in-season fruits and vegetables that match up with your dietary needs and restrictions.

Learn more about how Kuri was built through this interview with their founder Baptiste!

Please provide an introduction to your sustainable food app!

Our company is called Kuri (kuri.co) and we help to lower food based emissions by giving individuals the tools they need to switch to more sustainable food eating habits. I’m Baptiste Malaguti, the founder of Kuri living in France with plans to move to Barcelona in August (hopefully).

What problem is your brand working to solve? What sets your brand apart?

27% of greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to what we eat. Our eating habits is also the n°1 driver of deforestation. Kuri wants to help people adopt more sustainable eating habits, with seasonal and low carbon recipes that are tailored to their dietary preferences. Helping eaters make that transition to a plant-rich diet is what drives us. Kuri uniquely calculates the carbon footprint of each recipe, depending on where you live, and what’s in season nearby. 

As a result, you get curated meal suggestions that fit your needs and cut your “foodprint” in half.

What are your brand values? How does your brand live up to these values on a daily basis?

As a mobile app, built by a small remote team, our footprint is super tiny. On a daily basis, we try to subtly nudge people towards climate friendly meals. We strongly believe that with delicious recipes, a seamless product experience and beautiful food photography, we can achieve that.

How did you come up with this idea to create the first sustainable cooking app?

Initially, we wanted to create a personalized recipes app that would answer the age-old question “what should we eat?”. While diving deep into the topic, we learned about the impact of our eating habits, and the impact of growing out-of-season food on the environment. It seemed like we could, with tech, build a product that could not only solve the initial problem, but could also cut one’s dietary footprint in half in the process.

Walk us through your daily routine. How do you and your team live sustainably?

There’s no commute for us! We’ve been working together remotely since 2014. We “meet” every day during our daily call, and sometimes, we meet IRL to create new recipes, cook together, and eat it all! Since starting Kuri, we’ve all changed our eating habits radically: I became vegan, the chef drastically reduced his meat consumption, and we all pay extra attention to food waste and seasonality.

Sustainable lifestyle

How does your team avoid eco-anxiety, how do you stay positive and motivated to build a sustainable business?

There are many good reasons to be eco-anxious indeed. But seeing the rising interest in plant-based diets, the growing shame around flying (“flygskam”), and the super cool businesses being created to offer solutions, there’s hope!

What tips do you have for other brands and individuals to live more sustainably and have a positive impact on this world?

As Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh has said, making the transition to a plant-based diet may be the most effective way an individual can stop climate change.” in Project Drawdown.

How can our community support you and your mission?

Raising awareness on the impact of food and agriculture on the environment (and animals!), spreading the word about this cool-looking app that helps you eat more sustainably, would definitely support us and our mission!

Download the app for free through the apple store here.

Follow Kuri’s journey through their social pages to help support them and share the word!

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