In recent years, health, wellness and fitness have become integral parts of our daily lifestyles. To meet these demands, the health, wellness and fitness market has grown exponentially. With this increase in market size, many interesting new startups and products in the health and wellness space have been created. So we’ve shared ten companies in Washington D.C that have health, wellness or fitness services or products that will help you improve your lifestyle.

In Good Company Wellness

This company, founded in 2016, promotes wellness in the workplace and at home. Their team designs wellness programs to give people the possibility of having a more balanced life. These programs include mindfulness, nutrition, wellness and fitness workshops. They also provide farm-fresh fruit and vegetable deliveries which are all organic and seasonal, coming from local farms. Through this service, they support the non-profit, Martha’s Table, as well as the local farming community.

As a new company, In Good Company Wellness, is responding to a growing demand in terms of wellness and health. Indeed, wellness awareness is becoming more and more present in work and personal lives. The In Good Company Wellness website has a fresh and intuitive design that shares a lot of information about what they offer. Their Instagram page is where they share healthy tips and advice in a colorful and motivating way. Moreover, they also make podcasts about different topics available. Thanks to their innovative and trendy services, In Good Company Wellness’ future looks bright!


Fitness classes and boxing classes are what you’ll find in Rumble studios. Their philosophy is to be powerful together and individually, and they strive to share good vibes, energy and motivation. They provide programs that ensure optimal training from warm-up to cool-down. 

Rumble Studios are located in large cities across the US, giving them great visibility. They’ve been featured in a number of magazines and newspapers and are frequented by celebs like Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber. The young and sporty studios are one of the most trendy places to workout currently. Constantly present on social media, Rumble knows how to get and stay in touch with its community. 

Balanced Athlete Fitness Studios

Balanced Athlete Studios presents itself as a “Mindful Revolution,” and centers on health and fitness while having fun. They offer various types of classes, in addition to personal training, pilates and yoga classes. 

The studio was chosen as the best by Bethesda magazine in 2017. They are open early until late, allowing people to attend classes before or after work. The large variety of classes enables you to find what suits you best. If you’re interested in trying them out, they offer a one week trial to allow people to test out the studio. All these services make Balanced Athlete Fitness Studio a great health and fitness spot.

Hot Spot Dupont

This studio has been offering hot yoga classes since 2002. They aim to help people feel better by giving them 26+2 lessons. This means their practice consists of two breathing sessions and 26 yoga poses. At Hot Spot Dupont, you can do a 60 or 90 minute class. The studio also offers free classes in summer at Meridian Hill Park in Washington. 

Due to its unique style of yoga classes and  long tenure, Hot Spot Dupont has attracted quite a following. The inviting atmosphere and health benefits of their classes ensure a satisfied Hot Spot Dupont community. On their website, they also highlight success stories of the effectiveness of the classes for members of their community.

The Center for Mindful Living 

This studio is all about meditation, mindfulness and healthy living. It is part of the Inside Meditation Community of Washington and offers free weekly and monthly Dharma and Meditation classes. The Center is supported by donations and run by a community of volunteers.

The Center is influenced by Buddhist traditions and focused on the health of the mind and learning. Buddhist practices are becoming more popular making the Center a very frequented place. 

Take Five Meditation

Take Five Meditation helps the Washington D.C community by offering them a place to find peace and happiness. Aware of the busy and stressed lives Washington citizens face, the two founders created a center where everybody can take time for themselves through meditation, tea, captivating conversations and art. 

By caring about the health of the mind and body of its community, Take Five Meditation, pays special attention to the unique needs of everyone. Thanks to their various membership options, their location and their app, the studio is easily accessible. They also organize events and provide wellness solutions for businesses. Moreover, they keep a blog to spread knowledge and share advice about health and wellness.

Take Care

This natural based beauty shop offers beauty and wellness services and products. According to its founder, the personal care routine is an important daily moment in which meditation and reflection need to be included. The center offers personalized skincare and makeup consults as well as organic, plant-based products for body and mind. Take Care opens its spa center in November 2019. 

This company’s wellness and eco-friendly philosophy, are what more and more people are looking for today. Its minimal and pure store design is also an attractive feature of Take Care. Through their Instagram page, the owner shares advice about skincare and beauty while presenting new products in a pastel feed.

Varnish Lane 

Varnish Lane is a nail salon that’s very different from the others. Eco-conscious, this salon’s services are waterless. They’ve banned water from their services for three reasons: it’s better for the planet, it’s safer and the polish lasts longer. Moreover, the nail polishes they use are all free from toxins. Founded by a mother-daughter duo, Varnish Lane ensures a safe and eco-friendly beauty experience. 

The innovative idea for Varnish Lane is associated with timeless beauty care and makes the salon a trendy place. The salon’s design is modern and welcoming thanks to its comfy sofas and cream colored walls. The website is also well thought out as it explains the concept and explains their services clearly.


Sweetgreen is a chain of ‘fast but healthy food’ restaurants. They offer salads and bowls made with seasonal, local ingredients. Their mission is to inspire the community to live a healthier lifestyle and has made it a priority to make a positive impact. Everything is well thought out, from their values, to their spaces. The startup, which was founded in 2007 has since been labeled a ‘unicorn’ and hasn’t stopped growing. It’s been called the “the Starbucks of salads” as it’s path is similar to the massive coffee company. 

How exactly did Sweetgreen become ‘the place to eat’? Back in 2007, healthy fast food was innovative but that’s quickly grown into a lifestyle trend that’s here to stay. Throughout the years Sweetgreen has succeeded in building a name for itself. They combine two things – health and eco-friendly awareness. Their self-made option to create your own meal is a personalized and fun way to build a meal which attracts lots of people. They also have an app that enables people to order their food in advance.

Rally Health

Rally Health is an app that provides people personalized health care information. The goal is to give people access to health recommendations, challenges and solutions to lower health care costs. The easy and intuitive digital device now has 20 million users that make the most of Rally Health’s assistance. 

As the majority of people today have a smartphone, the services of Rally Health are easily accessible. The user-friendly and personalized app can reach everyone that needs access to health care and has a smartphone. With its rewards system, the app motivates people to train and be more conscious of their state of health. This is wise as it’s proven that people are more likely to achieve their goals when they are encouraged by short-term benefits. 

As you can see, all these Washington DC based brands have been able to distinguish themselves in the Health and Wellness Space thanks to their unique offerings. They all excel at one or more of these things: Innovation, Communication, Services and Experience. Finally, they all have something in common – their mission of helping the community.