Sustainable companies around the world are taking center stage. It appears they will have a bright future in every sector and investors are now trusting they can have a huge impact. There’s been a lot more investment in sustainable startups over the last few years. So we put together a list of nine sustainable companies that were funded in the last year.

Package Free

Package Free is a New York-based company that sells sustainable and zero-waste products for everyday life. The founder, Laura Singer, aims to inspire people to live a zero-waste lifestyle and to reach that by providing a large variety of household goods. Since the company was founded in 2017, they have succeeded in keeping 4 million plastic straws from landfills. This is just one of their many achievements. Package Free raised $4.5M USD of funding in their first round in September 2019. 

G2V Optics

G2V Optics is a Canadian company that was founded in 2015. They provide lighting, monitoring and data science products for modern cultivation. They have created horticulture lighting and solar simulation technology. They aim to help producers grow more while reducing the amount of water and land used. After waiting three years to raise their first round of funding, G2V Optics closed a $1.9M CAD seed round in November 2019. The founders, Michael Tashuk and Ryan Tucker, started the project at the National Institute of Nanotechnology of the University of Alberta.

Urban Electric Networks

Urban Electric Networks is a UK-based company that specializes in electric vehicle charging. The founders, Olivier Freeling-Wilkinson and Keith Johnston, created the first pop-up charging point in the world. They founded this startup in 2017 and are working to build the largest electric vehicle charging network in the world. Urban Electric Networks also won the 2019 Greenfleet Industry Innovation Award. The company raised a total of $486.9K USD funding in August 2019.


Founded by Marcia Woods and Henry Quach in 2016, Freshspoke is an app that enables wholesale buyers to order products directly from local food producers. The delivery is ensured by Freshspoke which takes advantage of the excess capacity that exists in the food delivery system. An exciting feature is that the whole transaction is paperless. This Canadian startup also provides its services in the US. It’s last fundraise was $550K USD in July 2019. To date, the company has raised a total of $745K USD.


Ducky is a platform that was created in Norway in 2014. Ducky fights for carbon emission reduction and enables companies to give positive impact challenges to their employees and customers. The startup offers tools for measuring your carbon footprint, for educating yourself on the topic and for competing, in a friendly way, on the reduction of carbon emission.  Ducky’s team works hand-in-hand with climate researchers to access scientific data. Silje Strøm Solberg is the founder of this innovative platform that is used by companies, schools and organizations. The startup raised $330K USD in February 2019.


This Irish startup provides sustainable solutions for aqua and animal feed, medical, food and cosmetic industries. They have developed a new method of sustainable insect farming and found a new protein source. According to CEO Alvan Hunt, “At Hexafly our aim is to bring an insect farming revolution to the world and find smart ways to feed the planet…”. Founded in 2016 by Alvan Hunt and John Lynam, this innovative company has already raised a total of $4M USD including the last funding of $1M USD raised in February 2019.


Altered is a Swedish company that aims to reduce our water consumption by 98%. They realized that changing habits is hard, so they decided to create ways to make our habits more sustainable. They produce specially designed nozzles and shower taps that save a great deal of water. Founded in 2015 by Prof. Kaj Mickos, Johan Nihlén and Mikael Abbhagen, Altered’s last funding was €71.4K in January 2019 and has raised €2M to date.


Modvion is a Swedish-American company that develops modular designs from renewable wood materials to improve construction logistics. Founded in 2015 by Joakim Örneblad and Otto Lundman, Modvion is currently developing systems for wind tower technology. Their idea is transportable, for more efficient and less expensive wind towers. This innovative startup raised  $71.4K USD in January 2019 and has raised $674.7K USD to date.


This app was created to track your habits to help you improve your impact on the planet. Eevie gives you eco-friendly tips, tracks your daily habits, and helps you to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the app can recognize when it has to give you feedback on your daily decisions. The German company was founded by Tono Willms, Lenni Paar and Raphi Ferretti in 2017. It raised €360K in December 2018.

These are some of the recently funded sustainable companies to watch in 2020. They are creating big changes and a better future. Although they are in different industries, they all have the same goal – to have a positive impact on the planet. 

Do you know other new and innovative sustainable companies? Share them with us in the comments!

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