Today, there are many ways to grow your sustainable brand on social media through paid and organic marketing. Both of these marketing tactics are constantly evolving, and it might be challenging to decide which one to focus on. It may seem that the constant changes to social media algorithms are making it harder to get good results with organic marketing and that there’s a lot of pressure on brands to spend money on paid marketing. However, it’s good to remember using both of these tactics simultaneously is the key.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on the benefits of organic marketing. Organic marketing is an excellent way to showcase your brand in an authentic way. It does require strategic planning, and therefore, we have listed the top 7 tips on how to grow your sustainable brand on social media organically.

Difference between paid and organic social media

Before diving into organic social media and how it can help you grow your sustainable brand, it’s important to understand the difference between paid and organic social media. Paid social media uses paid display adverts or paid sponsored messages on social media platforms to target a specific sub-audience. Organic social media instead, is any activity that doesn’t use paid promotions and only uses free tools that are provided by each social platform to build a social community and engage with the audience.

Benefits of organic social media

One of the main benefits of organic social media is, of course, that it’s free. This allows brands to create cost-effective campaigns to attract new consumers and to interact with the current ones. Organic social media tactics help brands to not only appear more honest and transparent but also to build a community of people who share the brand’s values.

7 tips on how to grow your sustainable brand on social media organically

Build your strategy based on data

When you start growing your sustainable brand on social media, start by looking at the data from your accounts. Take a look at your engagement rate, reach, impressions, followers, and all the other details you’ll be able to see on your business account. These insights help you to understand which type of content your audience is interested in and which it is not. You’ll be able to learn what you must change in order to attract and engage more audience.

Focus your efforts on the right platforms

Having a presence on all social media platforms might sound like a great idea but it’s not always necessary. You should always first do some research on which platforms your audience is active before focusing your efforts on all of them. Choose the ones your consumers are using the most and put your energy on those platforms.

Balance your content

Your audience wants to see you sharing content that’s interesting yet beneficial for them. Make sure to have a good balance between images, carousels, and videos that are a mix of promotional and informative content. According to Mention, around 80% of the content should be useful for your audience and the remaining 20% can promote your brand and products.

Interact and engage with your audience

When trying to grow your following organically on social media, one of the most important things to do is to interact and engage with people that are already following you. By doing so, you will be able to build long-term relationships with your consumers. Best practices are to post frequently, reply to comments, join groups, and share content from other users.

Use the right hashtags

Using a set of right hashtags in your posts will attract more people to your brand page. Hashtags are used to help people to follow topics they are interested in. As a sustainable brand, it’s important to add hashtags that are aligned with your values and relevant to your business as they are likely to drive potential new customers to find your brand.

Re-share valuable content

It’s often expected from brands to constantly provide their audience with new content. But have you ever thought of the benefits of re-sharing? Firstly, it has been studied that Instagram users miss around 70% of the content in their feeds. Most of the social media users follow hundreds of accounts and it is no surprise they don’t see all the posts on their feeds. Therefore, re-sharing your most valuable content is not a bad idea. It might help you to reinforce your message, increase credibility, and just simply bring your post in front of followers who might have missed it.

Be consistent 

In all marketing efforts, especially when growing your followers organically, consistency is the key. When you are posting consistently on all your social media platforms, your audience will know what to expect from you. Your audience will be more likely to stay with your brand and engage with it when they have the feeling you are real and reliable. Only with planning and consistent posting brands can achieve their goals.


Although paid social media is considered an excellent outlet to improve your social media following, organic social media is as important. With the listed organic social media tactics, you will be able to bring your sustainable brand in front of your target audience and showcase it authentically. Organic efforts will not only increase your reliability but they’ll also attract consumers that are truly interested in your business and share values with it. 

Author: Oona Yletyinen